NUDES, mixed media on paper, 24 x 18 in., Toronto 2012


APHRODITE NUDES, acrylic on paper, 59x39.5 in/150x100 cm, shown at The Terry Frost Studios, Lempa CY 2010

NUDE ON BLACK, oil and oilstick, 31.5x23.5 in/80x60 cm and ANGELA'S NUDE, acrylic, 63x47.5 in/160x120 cm,
shown at The Guildhall Gallery, Larnaca CY, 2010.  

APHRODITE EMERGING, oil, 31.5x23.5 in/80x60 cm and BIG MAMMA (FERTILITY GODDESS), acrylic and oil,
58x63 in/150x160 cm, shown at The Guildhall Gallery, Larnaca CY, 2010



FEMININE WILES, acrylic and collage on canvas, each 63x49.5 in/160 x 125 cm (plus detail view with collage element),
Ctrllab residency project, Sept-Oct 2010, shown at Ctrllab Gallery, Montreal Quebec Canada, Nov, 2010, see also for more images of this show.
All images copyright Alannah Krutina. All sizes approximate.